Honda P1009 Variable Valve Timing Control Advance Malfunction Diagnostic Trouble Code, Definition, reasons, And prognosis Guide


What could cause it

– Engine oil level
– Dark engine oil
– Check VTC Strainer to keep it from closing
– Wrong VTC Oil Controller Solenoid or region
– Wrong VTC Actuator
– Video problems

Technical explanation

A permanent timing cable or a damaged tensioner can also trigger the P1009 Honda code. Before removing the time chain or tensioner, check the amount of oil and the shape. Oil and filters were modified and refilled in the factory if necessary.


– Light Light ON (or Light Engine Light Light)

P1009 Honda ACURA OBD Code Description

Voter speed converter (VTC) controls the input camshaft component. They use oil to operate the VTC actuator so that the valve time is adjusted depending on how they are running. The engine control module (ECM) / Powertrain control module (PCM) controls the phase control part and the real time camshaft using the camshaft

(CMP) sensor A. If the most advanced part of the camshaft (compared to the fixed value) continues or the camshaft segment becomes abnormal, the problem is detected and the DTC is maintained.

More About OBD2 Code Applicable to Honda:

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