Lexus P0351 Ignition Coil 1 Primary/Secondary Circuit Diagnostic Trouble Code, Definition, reasons, And prognosis Guide


What does this mean?

OBD2 is a P0351 Lexus definition:
The COP ignition coil (coil on plug) is the one used in most modern engines. There is a human coil on each cylinder operated by a PCM (powertrain control module). It eliminates the need for spark plug wires by placing the coil on top of the sparkplug. Two wires are provided for each coil. One is battery power which usually comes from the power supply. Another wire is the coil operating circuit from PCM. PCM activates / deactivates this region to activate or disable the coil. Coil driver area is monitored by PCM for errors If an open or short circuit is detected in the conductor on coil number 1, the Lexus P0351 can be installed. Also, with the car model, PCM can also close the fuel injection into the cylinder as well.


Possible OBD code P0351 Lexus
MIL (interference lamp) for combining engine combustion may be present or intermediate


What could cause OBD code P0351 Lexus
Short to voltage or below the COP driver circuit Open on the COP driver circuit Loose coil or broken lock connector Bad Power Pointer (COP) Faulty Powertrain Control Module

possible solutions

Is the engine malfunctioning right now? If not, then the problem is intermediate. Try testing the wires on the # 1 coil and by connecting the wires to the PCM. If straightening the wires causes a fire to appear, fix the wire problem. Check that the coil connector is not working properly. Make sure the steering wheel is not damaged or whipped on anything. Adjust if necessary If the engine fails, stop the engine and disconnect the # 1 wiring connector. Then start the engine and look for the driver’s signal to coil # 1. Use the Voltmeter in the AC Hertz scale and see if there is a Hz count between 5 and 20 or so to show that the driver is working. If there is a Hertz signal, change the ignition coil # 1. It could be bad. If you do not see any frequency signal from PCM on the light coil drive indicating that PCM is setting / lowering the component (or there is no visible interface) then leave the coil connected and monitor. DC voltage on the driver circuit on the ignition coil connector. If there is a power supply on the wire then there is a power outage somewhere. Find the shortest and fix it. If there is no voltage on the driver area, then turn off the switch. Remove the PCM connector and see the driver continuity between the PCM and the coil. If there is no further repair of open or short floor in the area. If there is a continuum, check if there is a disconnect between the ground and the ignition connector. There must be unlimited resistance. If not, adjust the shortcuts to the bottom of the coil driver NOTE: If the ignition coil signature wire is not opened or shortened to voltage or down and there is no signal to start the coil then you are suspicious of the wrong PCM driver. . Also keep in mind that if a PCM driver has a problem, there may be a wire problem that caused PCM failure. It is best to do the above check when PCM is replaced to ensure that there will be no further failure. If you find that the engine is not running properly, the coil is starting properly but the P0351 Lexus is being repaired continuously, there is a possibility that the PCM coil control system may be faulty.

Information about OBD2 Code to be used on Lexus:

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