Pontiac P0446 Evaporative Emission Vent System Performance Diagnostic Trouble Code, Definition, causes, And diagnosis Guide


What does this mean?

Interpretation of OBD2 Code P0446 Pontiac:
The exhaust valve has only one purpose. It closes to close the discharge so that the EVAP machine can be compressed and ensures no output. The evap release valve is usually supplied with Batt. key electronics. The ECM operator controls the ground, and when it is stabilized, it operates the valve (closure). When the ECM detects that it is running low, open, or small battery volume on the control panel, the P0446 Pontiac will stabilize. The code may also translate to ECM recognizing that the EVAP system may not be able to complete or clean the test.


Possible indicators of OBD code P0446 Pontiac
There will be no obvious information for the driver, other than MIL monitoring.


Possible triggers for the OBD P0446 Pontiac code
Number P0446 Pontiac may indicate that one or more of the following events have occurred: Wrong open valve Valve Opening, shortening or tight resistance on Vent valve control area Bad valve closure Bad PCM

Possible Answers

I have a problem with P0446 Pontiac OBD-II, here are some things you can try: Replace the Venture Turning Valve Fix an open, short, or anti-control circuit Repair open, or short, or hate circuit area

More about OBD2 Code for Use on Pontiac:

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